Last time I wrote that finally last feature I needed was added to Skype. It does not work as I expected but I thought with time they will fixed. Well, a lot of time passed, and nothing changed. Moreover, none of the existing bugs were fixed and new bugs were added. And now about this is details

Last feature I need is window per contact, so I can talk with few people, without constantly switching between them. Moreover, sometimes I actually need to see information from both contacts at the same time. Well Microsoft finally implemented that feature. But if somebody sent me message then instead of highlighting that window in taskbar, only main Skype window highlighted. So, I still

As I wrote before I use Skype extensively. And usually I talk few with few people at the same time. In old Skype it was possible to open separate conversation window for each person. Not only it saves time to switch between different conversation, but it also allows to check who is writing and depending on priority answer now or later. Without this feature it is suitable for occasional use like few messages per day with one or two people. If you are chatting with 5-10 people, 50-100 messages per day it was not that usable. This was biggest feature I missed in new Skype.

And finally, Microsoft added this feature back. In fact, they added it some time ago.

Ok let’s review what happens from my last update on Skype 8 that I did April 26th. I did install 2 or 3 updates to Skype 8 and well, saga about Skype problems continues.

Few days ago, I was seeing strange problem: my wife calling me on Skype, but I didn’t hear any ringing on my phone or my desktop app. And after my wife stopped calling then I will see notification about missed call. This was happening for about 2 days. Really strange and annoying because my wife is wasting time and I’m not aware about her calling me until I check Skype window.

Then another problem shown up. Now when my wife calling me, only my phone is

As I wrote before, finally I had to update to Skype 8. I was experiencing strange glitches and at the end I was forced to update. It still looks extremely bad but couple of most annoying issues was fixed.

But today I want to talk about Skype icon in notification area. After some time after I did upgrade on my home computer, I did notice strange empty space as shown on picture below:

After some time, I did realize that it is actually Skype that lost its icon. Strange but well and I did restart Skype. After some time, icon did disappear again. Then I did realize that icon did disappear

Update April 22: Well today Skype won. I updated to latest version. I was getting strange issues like showing that person deleted me from their contacts and I need to send request. Then I was seeing strange order in chats where person answers me and they answer always appends to previous answer even if I did reply.And at the end Skype forced me to update anyway. After I updated all these issues were gone. But I have to state that all issues that I experienced are still there except that now it is possible to send message by pressing Ctr+Enter instead of just Enter. It still quite bad version of Skype. I'm still using it but many people moved to

As you know from my previous post that Microsoft updated Skype and they did it quite badly. They added few critical features to new version but still looks quite bad. I still staying on latest version I could find ( until it will stop working completely.

And recently I realized that my version slowly begins to behave incorrectly. One of the biggest issues right now that in conversation instead of:
Some person: Text1
                me: My reply 1
Some person: Text2
                me: My reply 2
Some person: Text3
                me: My reply 3

I can see it like this:
Some person: Text1
Some person: Text2
Some person: Text3

I’m finishing setting up new computer and installed Skype. After I launched it I thought I ran Skype modern app. But after some time, I realized that I installed correct version.

And honestly new version is disaster. If you don’t believe me search internet. And for now let’s go in details.

As beginning I would like to state that I’m using Skype more than 10 years and I was quite happy user even when they were massive connectivity issues. I know many places where Skype is “company” messenger. I used it quite extensively.

First and most important feature for me, it is not possible anymore to have a chat with every person in own window. Pervious every chat was in