Long-long time ago, our company created internal test tool that test web API for our servers. That tool simulates requests from our application, and it is using WinInet API. Tool always connection to test servers that are recreated every few days, it contains only test data. As this is testing server for our real production server, test tool using HTTPS protocol. But because it is using only for tests, it does have proper SSL certificate. Deploy script just install some self-signed certificate. Obviously testing tool cannot work by with that type of certificate and instead it just passes INTERNET_FLAG_IGNORE_CERT_CN_INVALID to HttpOpenRequest. Everything worked just fine for many years.

But several years ago, we discovered that our test tool

Some time ago I did play with Unity and when I was searching for help, I always stumble on articles comparing Unity and Unreal Engine. And few days ago, I decided to check Unreal Engine 4.

Usually when I try to learn something new, I find some tutorial and follow it. And as you can imagine, at the beginning any tutorial will take a lot of time. And obviously it would be nice to save your work periodically, just to save time if everything will go wrong. Also, at the beginning you can press or click something without knowing what you did, and everything will go wrong, and you will spend enormous amount of time figuring it out.

As result

AppStream from Amazon is service that allows to have Remote Desktop Session in your browser. Our company is using it to do evaluation of our software for potential customers. Customers can play with, explore it features etc, before buy. On other side, we can see what people are struggling it and adjust our software.

We were using it for some time, but recent Chrome update broke it. Safari stopped working some time before that. Now instead of opening remote session, we got 404 from Amazon. I believe it happens because Chrome stopped providing cooking for embedded iframe. And following post will show, how to fix it.

Normally service works like this. Web page calls some service on backend to get

Some time ago, Internet Explorer (IE for short) won over Netscape Navigator. As result there was quite interesting situation: there were quite few areas were IE did not respect standards at all or did not respect them completely. And when new browsers (Firefox and Opera) tried to gain some popularity, they immediately did hit hard concrete wall with their head: web sites do not work properly in new browsers. This happened mainly because other browsers actually did try to follow standards, but most web sites were designed for Internet Explorer that does not respect standards.

During that phase, most web site designers said pretty much that: “everybody uses IE, why should I care about browser that has 1%-2% of marker