I always meant to write about that, but I forgot every single time. Basically, with the 12th generation, Intel simply cheated. Most of their gains were simply gained by increasing the frequency and as result considerably increased power consumption to quite crazy values. With good cooling and motherboard, 120900 can consume almost 250W of power.

And most people do not know this, but almost all energy in electronic components is converted to pure heat. So effectively 250W consumed power by CPU/GPU will be converted to 250W of heat.

For most people, 250W is just a number. Just to give you an idea, a long time ago I had a room with 8 degrees C (46 Fahrenheit). It is quite cold.

I will not compare all features one by one and I will only compare development with each engine.

Unreal Engine supports blueprints and C++. Let me review them in detail.

Unreal Engine Blueprints

Blueprints are really good for an inexperienced developer and allow an easy way to start doing some programming in their project. You can drag and drop nodes that do particular actions and connect them using your mouse. It looks intuitive and easy. And at the beginning it is.

But there is a reason why visual programming never worked. And there are a few reasons for that: it is much slower to write and much harder to read. It works only for very simple cases.

For example, imagine