Here is the unboxing of my new router Cudy X6. I bought it for $52 on Amazon.

Here is the front of the box:

Here is the back of the box:

Here is the content of the box:

Here is the router on the table:

Here is all content of the box on the table:

Here is the back of the router:

As you already should know SSD much much faster than traditional hard drives. And if you would like to buy one which should you buy?

Firstly thing, you have to figure out how much space you need. Usually these days I would recommend having around 500Gb SSD drive. You will install Windows and most software that you use everyday on SSD and rarely used stuff or stuff that is ok to be slow or just huge stuff on hard drive. If money is big issue, then you can buy 250GB and depending on how often you start computer per day you can install Windows on SSD or hard drive. I would not recommend buy 128GB drive unless money is huge

If you are computer enthusiast, you probably heard about overclocking. Basically, overclocking is making some part of your computer works faster than it set by manufacturer. Usually people overclock CPU, memory, video cards.

There two questions why they doing that and why it is possible?

Let’s start from why it is possible. Usually manufacturer test chip for its performance. There are higher quality chips and lower quality. Obviously higher quality chips can perform faster or fully. Less quality chips failed some checks but can perform at lower speeds or became less functional product. For example, for CPU if it failed to work say at 4 GHz it can work as say 3 Ghz. Or if it fails to work as

For last few years I have few inkjet printers. And ink cost way too much for them. So let me share few thought about ink.

My last few printers were about $100 and they actually includes scanner and sometimes fax and also they are network printers so you can place them anywhere where they can connect to Wifi. All these printers where great in terms in print quality, services etc. But they share same problem: ink cost. Usually printers sold with limited amount of ink in cartridges so say after around 100 - 150 black or around 30-50 color pages your printer will ask to buy new ink. And very quickly you will realize that one cartridge will cost around

I recently bought new PC and I have few DVD disks with it. From my point of view they are totally useless. Let me explain why.

Firstly it is really hard to find DVD drive these days. And there is reason why. DVD disk can at best write little more than 8GB of information. But it does it quite slow and you need special 2 sided disk. They are more expensive and have compatibility issues with other drives. Also they are noisy and they are quite fragile. Sunlight destroys them very quickly, you can easily break or scratch them. Also time ruins them very quickly except special one that designed for longevity and they are expensive. All notebooks that sell

Update 7 Aug: Waiting for similar condition to test again. Setting case fans to 100% made them a bit more loud but still totally fine under such load. Also by some reason default profile for CPU fan was set to 100% at 85C. Changed it to around 80C. After that Prime 95 CPU was 69C, vCore MOSFETS 54C. Case fans 1200RPM, CPU fan 2571. If I put CPU fan to 100% as well then CPU temp changes to around 68C and continue to drop slowly and vCore MOSFETS dropped to 53C. I cannot hear CPU fan even at 100% because case fans are noisier. Subjectively it is a bit hotter in my room that first time. I don't have any