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Why do you need SSD

SSD are much much faster that HDD because they don’t have moving parts. I will not explain it in detail, you can search internet if you need more details. As result Windows will load way faster. Any software, games will load much faster as well. If you play game that load parts of level dynamically without load screen, then there is much less chance to see micro freezes. If you work in some application and press Save button it will save much faster. In general experience are much better than with traditional HDD. It is really hard to explain until you actually experience it.

I found really nice spreadsheet that covers all AM4 socket compatible motherboards:

They have instruction on how to filter so you can easily filter out older chipsets or exclude form-factors you don’t want (for example ITX). There primary factors for motherboard like supported CPU, power quality etc. And very often you have at least few motherboards that are good by primary factors and then there a lot of small details that can help you choose right motherboard. For example:

  1. Diagnostic LEDs
  2. VRM phases
  3. Audio chip used and audio connectors.
  4. Network chip.
  5. Number of USB ports and their type and how many USB headers available and their type
  6. Count of fans you can connect to this motherboard
  7. Video connectors, if you are buying CPU with built-in GPU

Update April 22: Well today Skype won. I updated to latest version. I was getting strange issues like showing that person deleted me from their contacts and I need to send request. Then I was seeing strange order in chats where person answers me and they answer always appends to previous answer even if I did reply.And at the end Skype forced me to update anyway. After I updated all these issues were gone. But I have to state that all issues that I experienced are still there except that now it is possible to send message by pressing Ctr+Enter instead of just Enter. It still quite bad version of Skype. I'm still using it but many people moved to

Not many people aware that recently NVidia enable their video cards to work with FreeSync monitors. If you don’t know what is FreeSync then you can stop reading and search internet about it. But just to better understand what happens here there is short history.

Sometime ago NVidia introduced G-Sync that suppose to “reducing tearing and stuttering caused by misalignment with content's frame rate”. It does this very well, but it is proprietary, expensive and works only with NVidia video cards. Monitor vendors should pay royalty to NVidia and final products are quite expensive. Moreover, it requires to use specific proprietary hardware. And lastly NVidia will certify monitor before it will have badge “G-Sync”. All of these adds a lot

I have to admit that I’m quite technical person, I know how to hardware and software works together, I can find solutions for different technical problems. But I don’t really enjoy doing so for devices that should just work.

In my view huge success of Apple in mobile world based on following pillars: design, hardware, software and Store. Let’s see each of them in details.


As you probably aware, most products are designed by engineers. They are quite practical people. They don’t need bells and whistles. I should work and do its job. Design will be absent or extremely basic. At the same time in many areas design is quite important. Nobody would like to drive car that looks