In Windows it is very simple to make a child process to inherit a handle. All you need to specify bInheritHandle to TRUE in SecurityAttributes or call this function:


After that pass TRUE for bInheritHandles parameter of CreateProcess function. After that, the handle will be inherited by the child process. You can use the same handle value in the child process. Usually, you can pass it via command line to the child process.

Most developers would never use it, but handle inheritance is required

Many people believe that what we have on the market is what people really need. But it is not completely true. Very often marketing department just found what people are buying and sell more of it. It could be dots per inch on your phone, inches in TV diagonal, Gigahertz in CPU frequency etc. And very often is it just overkill. And today I would like to talk about 4K and 8K TVs.

But firstly, I would like to state that I would like to talk only about TVs that everyone can afford to buy. Let say 60-80” diagonal. Of course, if you have 150” TV everything that I will say below will not apply or apply only partially.