Today I would like to talk about window message queue. Many developers for Microsoft windows familiar with this subject. There are many books about this subject and honestly, I was under impression that each window has own message queue. I even asked many developers around me and most developers were telling the same story. Some believe that there is one message queue for process and some even believe that there is one queue for whole session.

Today I will try to get to bottom of this. If we read here you will see this: “The system maintains a single system message queue and one thread-specific message queue for each GUI thread”. Just to be clear GUI thread is

Recently I did watch one video about scams in Facebook (sorry I didn’t remember whom I did watch and actually I forgot about that story for quite some time). Basically, one guy found many scams on Facebook that sell some products like notebook but very cheap, like 10% of original price. One example was Microsoft Surface for $50. Another one was Samsung watch for $30. And these scams are using original product texts, images, videos etc. Obviously if you will buy one, you will get some cheap fake. But for unexperienced person these products look legit.

Anyway, that guys reported these scams to Facebook and provided statistics in his youtube channel. And results do not look good for Facebook. 75%

As I wrote before I use Skype extensively. And usually I talk few with few people at the same time. In old Skype it was possible to open separate conversation window for each person. Not only it saves time to switch between different conversation, but it also allows to check who is writing and depending on priority answer now or later. Without this feature it is suitable for occasional use like few messages per day with one or two people. If you are chatting with 5-10 people, 50-100 messages per day it was not that usable. This was biggest feature I missed in new Skype.

And finally, Microsoft added this feature back. In fact, they added it some time ago.