Today I drove 125 miles (201 km) to the airport and back. Initially, when I entered this trip into the navigation system, it showed that I will need to charge my Model Y Long Range on way back. It told me that I’m missing around 2-3% of the charge. It was frustrating because according to Tesla, my car has a range of 330 miles. I know that 330 miles is a range in close to ideal conditions but I was absolutely sure it will be enough to drive 250 miles.

Then I searched the internet and according to a few articles typical range is ¾ of what Tesla is officially stating. And ¾ from 330 miles is 247 miles,

Just as an update after my first technician visit. Just a reminder initially I had the following problems:

  1. I cannot unplug the charger when it is finished charging. I need to unlock the charging port from Tesla app first.
  2. I cannot open the trunk by pressing a button on the back of my trunk to open even though I have my phone with me.

And as turns out, it looks like both of these issues are correct behavior. Let me explain them one by one

Charger issue

It turns out that by design, you cannot unlock the charger when your car is locked. You will have to unlock your car to unplug it, or you have to unlock

I have new Tesla Model Y for about 1 week and I would like to summarize what new buyers can expect to make sure they will not be disappointed. I will split everything into the following categories: good, bad, and in-between.


Most of the functions of your new car are controlled by a computer and a lot of functions are quite ambitious. And even Tesla is making EVs for more than a decade it is nothing from a software point of view. So be prepared to deal with glitches and bugs in software. Just as an example, I would like to connect my car to the Wi-Fi network. It couldn’t see my Wi-Fi network, so I decided to add

Recently I became a happy new Tesla owner. If you are thinking or planning to buy Tesla in near future I think it will be helpful for your to read this post. There are many gotchas on the way and I would like to highlight the most important ones.

As probably most of you already know, you have to order Tesla online. And the price is the same for everyone. There could be some difference in price between different states or countries due to local regulations, but the core price is the same. It is not possible to reduce the price as you can do with most other car vendors. The price is fixed and you can buy it or