I decided to rewrite post about i9-9900K to put all old and new discoveries in one post, so it will be easier to find and read.

i9-9900K is 8 core CPU with enabled hyper threading giving us 16 logical CPU’s. It was 95W TDP, base frequency 3.6 GHZ and Max Boost 5.0 GHZ. It cost about $529 USD.

If you compare specs with previous top 8700K you will see that there are 2 more cores (give plus 4 logical CPU’s), additional 0.1 GHZ base frequency and 0.3GHZ additional Max Boost frequency. It also has 0.5 MB L2 cache and 4 MB extra L3 cache. But guess what? Tech process and TDP didn’t change. Moreover, there were no big changes in

Well looks like start of i9-9900K couldn’t be worse but truth is that it is.

I recently found this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGHiRrQ2AAo and this video discussed why some reviewers measured much higher power consumption that others.

In short if you have motherboard with 4 VRM phases then CPU will stay in 95W TDP and limiting it boost clock speed to 4.2 GHz (instead of 4.7 GHz). While if you have decent motherboard, it will go to 150W TDP and thus requiring high end cooling solution and obviously expensive motherboard. So, while technically 4 VRM phases still supports 9900K performance will be reduced to around 7-13% (7% for cold and 13% for continuous run when board is hot). And good example

Update 22 Oct: Please check update here as well.

Yesterday Intel released “new” generation of CPU’s and I would like to talk about top CPU in this “new” generation.

But firstly, I would like to mention that it is actually not new. It is pretty much same as 8000 series with minor tuning. They just finally able to increase core count.

You can watch review here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_I--zROoRws

To be honest to me it made strange impression.

9900K costs $580 while top AMD cost $304. Intel has no cooling and it is quite hot. From watching different reviews looks like Intel needs high end cooling and many reviewers recommend around $100 cooling solutions. AMD on other end have quite

Here is set of videos that explains this in detail from Hardware Unboxed:

Or alternative from Gamers Nexus:

In short Intel ordered review of new Intel i9-9900K CPU for company that called Principled Technologies and allow it to publish result good 10 days before anybody else can publish own reviews because they are tied under NDA. In few days Intel published it on their own web site.

As you can see first problem here that Intel allowed publishing results way before other independent from Intel companies can publish their results. And a lot of websites simply repost this news because they