I have a .NET application that contains about 70 files. Application contains mostly .NET assemblies, but there are a few native .dlls as well. This application is deployed on multiple machines. Native .dlls never change and we do not build them when the application is compiled.

Usually, I deploy the application by wiping the old version (after I do a backup) and copy the new version into an empty directory. But here is a dilemma. If I copy native .dlls as part of the build process, it increases build time, as well as copy time. And because they never change it looks like a waste of time. But if I will skip them, then I cannot wipe a directory and

Here is a task: You need to write a function that takes 2 integers and calculates the factorial of the first number and returns how many zeroes there will be at the end of that factorial at the radix represented by the second number.

For example, for an input (4, 12), the function will return 1, because 4! will be 24 and 24 at radix 12 will be 20.

Acceptable range for a number is from 1 to 1,000,000 and for a radix range is from 1 to 256.

Simplest way to do this task is to calculate factorial and count how many times we can divide factorial by radix without reminder. Obviously that factorial from 1,000,000 is a really