I would like to buy NVIDIA 1600 Ti video card. Normally it did const around $260, and I was expecting that on Black Friday there will be good discounts. To be honest I was wrong. Most sites like New Egg had Black Friday week and they guarantee that if prices will be lower ever in November than they will automatically credit difference.

Anyway, today I did check and pretty much everything is sold out. And then I found idepothome.com where this video card cost $160.00. It immediately raised my suspicion. This video card normally cost around $300. Why would anyone make discount at least $140 when your competitors are simply out of stock? It is way simpler to drop $50

I have to admin that. I forgot password to my router. It is very shameful. When I updated router to latest version of OpenWrt I decided to change password. And I was carefully preparing this update and as result, I did not login to my router after that because everything working just fine. And today, more than month from setting it up I decided to check something. And I realized that I simply forgot password. It was new password that I never used before and I forgot it.

It is my main router, and I can reset router to factory default, but it will be pain to setup it again. As last resort I decided to search internet

Few days ago, AMD released new Ryzen 5000 series CPUs. They promised us 15-20% improvement and they kept their promise. Here are few reviews:




New CPU is simply better than Intel in every single workload. It is faster; it consumes less energy, and you can use relatively cheap motherboards with it. For example, I can use my $125 motherboard that I bought 2 years ago to run new Ryzen 5000 CPU. For like $200 I can get around 30-40% performance increase just by replacing CPU.

And there are even cheaper motherboards that can run even top Ryzen 5000 just fine, assuming there will be no overclocking. Good example is B450 Tomahawk Max.