New Ryzen 5000 just dominates Intel

Few days ago, AMD released new Ryzen 5000 series CPUs. They promised us 15-20% improvement and they kept their promise. Here are few reviews:

New CPU is simply better than Intel in every single workload. It is faster; it consumes less energy, and you can use relatively cheap motherboards with it. For example, I can use my $125 motherboard that I bought 2 years ago to run new Ryzen 5000 CPU. For like $200 I can get around 30-40% performance increase just by replacing CPU.

And there are even cheaper motherboards that can run even top Ryzen 5000 just fine, assuming there will be no overclocking. Good example is B450 Tomahawk Max.

Not only CPUs is better than Intel CPUs, but it also looks like new CPUs is cooler than previous generation. They consume less energy, it able to gain higher frequency. Only one disadvantage when comparing to previous generation: increased price but looks like it is totally worth it. AMD is leader now and produce fastest CPUs and I think it is finally time when AMD can get some dividends for their hard work.

Right now, Intel simply does not have anything to respond with. For last 3 years they are selling pretty much the same product over and over. Their top product is quite hot and consumes a lot of energy. It consumes about 75 watts more than top AMD CPU Ryzen 5950X. 75 watts is like additional Ryzen 5600X.

And that is not only bad sign for Intel. Looks like they are missing this holiday season, and perhaps next one.

And I believe soon will be released new server CPUs. Current server CPU already looking quite better than Intel, but new one will just “finish him”. Servers segment are traditionally quite conservative market but about 3 years they slowly started to move on AMD, because it allow to drastically reduce costs. At the beginning of 2017 AMD had about 1% of that market. In the middle of 2020 AMD had more than 10%. And that is hardest part of the path. I quite sure that new year AMD will start to dominate that market as well.

This all looks like times when AMD release Athlon 64 while Intel pushing bad designed Pentium 4. After few years they did realize problem and created way better product than Pentium 4. I hope that after few years Intel will release better product than what they are selling now. After all competition is good for us – consumers.