Here is task. You have a pyramid that looks like that:

    2   3
  4   5   6
3  10  2   3

You start at top, and travel down. You can only travel down and only do adjusted node. You have only 2 choices. For example, from node with value 1 you can move to node with value 2 or 3. From node with value 2 you can only move to node with value 4 or 5, but you cannot move to node with value 6 because it is too far. Also, you cannot move from node with value 3 to node with value 4.

Your task is to find path that provides biggest sum

Recently I had a task to migrate large SVN repository to Git and I would like to share with you how we did it.

Step 1, size

There is principal difference between SVN and Git. In SVN after checkout, will download only one revision. But in Git you will download whole repo. Bigger repository means longer clone times and in general slower repository. Experts in that area advice to have repository under 1Gb in size without LFS.

As a result, you need to do some homework and reduce repository size in SVN. Try to find everything that is not needed anymore. There is no penalty for garbage in SVN if you are not using it, but in Git it will