Imagine you would like to develop your own game. What tool is the best for you to use: Unity or Unreal? Some time ago I wrote this post and compare the development side of Unity and Unreal and I would like to update. Both Unity and Unreal are equivalent and it is possible to do the same things in both. Some things are easier in Unreal, and some are easier in Unity.

No visual tool, please

As I wrote before, don’t even try any visual programming unless your game has extremely basic programming. Visual programming is like hammering nails into a board using rock. Yes, you can do it and if you have only a pair of them, then

Firstly some history. About 9 years ago I bought an Epson XP-810 printer. It cost me around $120 if memory serves me right. It is quite a versatile multifunctional device. Especially I like that it can scan documents on both sides 2 sides which I found quite rare these days because some time ago I was looking for a printer for my relative and it was quite hard to find a consumer-grade printer that does this while costing reasonable money.

But the most important feature is that I can buy 2 full sets of aftermarket printer ink of XL size for $12-$15. Right now the same set of original Epson ink cost $99. And from my memory 9 years ago