As I mentioned before here, my relative asked me to help him with upgrading his PC. After some thinking I decided to go with Gigabyte B550 Aorus Pro AC. My relative already had good Wi-Fi USB dongle from Amazon: and it works really well. As result, I was planning to buy Gigabyte B550 Aorus Pro, but unfortunately everything was out of stock except version with Wi-Fi.

I will repeat short reasons why I decided to go with this motherboard:

From Hardware Unboxed I found this memory: After

Many people who are following hardware news know that AMD released B550 chipset and it is finally possible to buy B550 motherboard. And it happens to be a time when one of my relative asked me to update his system. It is quite old system based on Intel 2500K. It is 4 threads CPU and about 9 years old. It also has 8GB of RAM.

Most of the use for that computer is games and to my surprise most games work quite well on that system. But recently one game constantly uses 100% CPU and it also allocates more than 9 Gb of RAM and it makes playing experience quite uncomfortable. And as result he asked me to help

Sometime ago, my relative asked me what it is possible to do with her notebook to make it faster. This notebook was relatively old as it is about 5 years old and my first reaction was to say: “buy new one” but I am trying to be professional, so I decided to check it first. Even notebook was old, it was not bad. It has 4K monitor, secondary graphics card and relatively fast CPU. So, I asked what exactly a problem is. And after short discussion I realized that there are small operations that takes time, like opening new tab in the browser, opening some project file etc. Also, starting it will take quite some time and in general feels