Recently I drove around 1000 miles in my Model Y and I think my original post was somewhat optimistic. For this post, I assume that standard autopilot is exactly the same as full self-driving and just software-limited.

The first thing I would like to state is that Tesla still gets confused when lane separation disappears for a short time. There were around 3-5 software updates but it is still an issue. I drove at the same place and it was still a problem.

The next problem is phanom breaking. Sometimes the car starts to break without any reason. Every case I had previously was a relatively minor case of phantom breaking that did not create any problems and was

This is a continuation of our story of Linus and his media empire. The story started to unfold really fast.

By that time Linus realized what he did and he messed up. So he and other corporate people released an apology video. And didn’t switch off monetization. Of course, it was probably a mistake but it still points toward a lack of attention to details even in such a critical period for the company.

And then one of the former employees starts criticizing LMG (Linus Media Group) for a hostile environment and harassment. At first, I personally didn’t take it seriously because it just looks like somebody trying to take revenge on a former employer.

When I read about

Recently I watched this video that reviews the Tesla Model Y. And I would like to review that review :)

But firstly I must provide a disclaimer. I’m kind of a Tesla owner. I have a Tesla Model Y car in my family and I’m driving it a few times per week (mostly on weekends). I’m trying to be as objective as possible but I don’t think it is possible to be 100% objective in such a case. But I’m trying to be as close to 100% as humanly possible.

Secondly, I have to state that this person most likely got one of the first Model’s Y. They had a lot of issues with quality and they were quite

Recently I found this video from Gamers Nexus and then a follow-up video and I would like to write my response to it. Please watch at least the first video because it will set the proper context for further discussion.

But before I start I would like to state that I watched a lot of videos on different LTT channels and I don’t like most of them. And there are multiple reasons for that. Most of those videos are too emotional instead of providing hard facts and I feel that they are intentionally designed to be this way.

This is a typical manipulative tactic is employed by many populist politicians or sleazy salesmen that try

One day I was watching youtube and found this video. It is a great video and a lot of points I already knew and I decided to write a short guide on how to buy anything on Amazon and how to reduce the chance that you will be taken advantage of.

As you know, Amazon is quite popular in the USA and I’m buying almost everything there except food. There is a great choice of products, prices are quite low, delivery is fast and they have a great customer service. I also have 5% cashback by using their credit card and that card has no international transaction fee.

But very often you will have too many

Today I would like to talk about open space for developers. On the surface, it looks like a great idea. It is open, you can easily chat with people who sit next to you. It is easier to approach any person because there are no doors in cubicles or offices. Everything looks good, rainbows and unicorns.

But in fact, it is one of the worst things managers can do to their teams. If your manager suggests this, then try to convince them to change their mind and be extremely persistent. If your management will still do it, then run and don’t look back. And let me explain why.

Software engineers are people that solve problems. And very often they solve

I was watching quite an interesting video and they mentioned Microsoft as a company that bought a lot of companies and killed their products. As a person familiar with that process I would like to share some insights on why the product will die when the company is acquired.

But before I start I will introduce some acronyms. C –company that was acquired. P – the product that company C is producing. M – the company that acquired company C.


Sometimes a company is acquired because the company has some specific knowledge or data. For example, company M can acquire company C solely to get access to its client database. Surely they will “support” the product P for