Since inception most editors on PC platform have overwrite mode and it suck. Let me explain in detail.

Normally most editors from 1990 are using insert mode. And when you type character then this character will be inserted at place where caret is blinking and text to the right from caret will move to the right.

Imaging you have text “This | a car”. Symbol | showing where is caret is. And when you type “is” then text will look like this “This is| a car”. It is trivial, and everybody knows what I’m talking about and it is everywhere like this from PC to tablet, TV’s and phones.

But there are still many applications on PC that can switch

Current keyboard layout was born long time ago with release of IBM PC. Later it was changed with AT model where modern keyboard layout was born. Not every key is used how it was intendent. Some keys are doing nothing like Scroll Lock and there only few applications that uses it. Some keys doing stuff that most regular users are not aware of. For example: “Print Screen” or “Pause|Break” key. Numeric key on digital section to the right are also confusing to people because depending on Num Lock key they can do different roles. They can be keys or can be keys that move cursor.

But there is one key that not only useless but it actually probably most annoying

Today is the day when I stopped using old good Opera browser that was based on Presto engine. It is sad day for me because I believe that it was one of the best browsers and it is really sad that it switched to use Chromium engine.

Why should I stop using it? Well most web sites are not showing properly because HTML 5 is updating and improving every day. There are a lot of updates around SSL and old Opera obviously does not support them. So

What I really like about old Opera

It was quite fast, due to fact that it is rarely used it was secure, because nobody cares about hacking browser that has 2% market. It

I personally don’t like Google Chrome browser and I don’t use it at all. And here is list of reasons why I do not like it.

First and most important reason, that it was created by evil (at my option) company. Google for so long time blamed other software companies for many different sins and now they are repeating exactly the same things. For example: Google fined a record $5 billion by the EU

You can find their comments when Microsoft was fined with about 10 times less fine. There were talking about fairness, good business practices and in general put themselves as “good corporation” and put Microsoft as “evil corporation”. And now they are about 10 times worse

I decided to rewrite post about i9-9900K to put all old and new discoveries in one post, so it will be easier to find and read.

i9-9900K is 8 core CPU with enabled hyper threading giving us 16 logical CPU’s. It was 95W TDP, base frequency 3.6 GHZ and Max Boost 5.0 GHZ. It cost about $529 USD.

If you compare specs with previous top 8700K you will see that there are 2 more cores (give plus 4 logical CPU’s), additional 0.1 GHZ base frequency and 0.3GHZ additional Max Boost frequency. It also has 0.5 MB L2 cache and 4 MB extra L3 cache. But guess what? Tech process and TDP didn’t change. Moreover, there were no big changes in

I have iPhone and many people asking me why iPhone doesn’t have ability to insert SD card to extend storage. And I decided to explain it here. But before I would like to put disclaimer: I’m not Apple fun. I use only iPhones from their products. For Steve Jobs is good manager and not an icon and so on.  

From technical side it is totally not a problem. Apple can do it without any problem and it is not expensive. But why they didn’t do it then? Well I have to admit what Apple does differently is to look at product not as list of features but as whole experience. And from that experience external SD card doesn’t look

Many developers for Windows used to fact that all resources that you allocated in your application will be released when your process is closed. And in fact, many developers read Windows API function description by diagonal ignoring most of it. Please read it carefully and I will explain why.

Few years ago, developers started to hit the same problem: application failed to start with some stupid unrelated error and in fact all application failed to start again with some strange error. Restart always fixes this problem, so we blamed Microsoft and move on. In some cases, you even cannot restart your PC due to the same strange errors. But we time it start to happen more and more often. And

As you know from my previous post that Microsoft updated Skype and they did it quite badly. They added few critical features to new version but still looks quite bad. I still staying on latest version I could find ( until it will stop working completely.

And recently I realized that my version slowly begins to behave incorrectly. One of the biggest issues right now that in conversation instead of:
Some person: Text1
                me: My reply 1
Some person: Text2
                me: My reply 2
Some person: Text3
                me: My reply 3

I can see it like this:
Some person: Text1
Some person: Text2
Some person: Text3