Skype is next victim of Microsoft

I’m finishing setting up new computer and installed Skype. After I launched it I thought I ran Skype modern app. But after some time, I realized that I installed correct version.

And honestly new version is disaster. If you don’t believe me search internet. And for now let’s go in details.

As beginning I would like to state that I’m using Skype more than 10 years and I was quite happy user even when they were massive connectivity issues. I know many places where Skype is “company” messenger. I used it quite extensively.

First and most important feature for me, it is not possible anymore to have a chat with every person in own window. Pervious every chat was in own window and when somebody send me message I can see who did without interrupting what I’m doing. I usually have people why are important to react ASAP and I have people who I just have fun with. Now I have to click and see who actually send me message. And then even it is not important you already read it and you have temptation answer it even it is not important at all and can wait even day or two. Huge productivity loss here for me. But at least I can understand that implementing that feature will take quite some time. So, if they ever planning to do it can wait.

Second annoying feature that I always used Ctrl+Enter to send message. Well not anymore because they removed that feature. Now I’m answered to someone’s message and continue to do what I’m doing. 30 minutes later I realized I actually did insert new line to my answer instead of sending it. It is required about 30 seconds to implement that feature and 5-10 minutes to implement switch for it. Really guys, you already removed that feature some time ago and had to put it back. Did you learn anything? Why remove feature that people use and that don’t require much time to implement and it was already implemented. So, there is no need to translate text to many languages. It is already done.

These are two most annoying features I lost in new version Skype. But that is not all.

I found no way how I can share my skype contact to another Skype contact. I had to go to different computer where I have old version and it there by just drag and drop.

Now Setting window has close button on the left. On Windows. On the left. Are you out your minds?

It is not possible to resize contacts part. Common, I have 30” screen, I can afford wider contacts so see more of their message text without actually clicking that at least somehow can compensate for lack of window. But no, you cannot do it. It is too hard to place elementary splitter control that used pretty much everywhere for last like 30 years.

They used same crappy font as chrome, new opera is using (I think it come from DirectWrite or Direct2D) instead of crystal clear Segoe UI.

As you can see on picture above text is much better in old Skype (text with blue background) and as you can see old skype merged two messages send quickly one after another. New Skype didn’t do it.

When I right click on picture that someone sent me and selected Save as default directory is C:\Windows\System32. Marvelous. Old skype saves to your profile directory’s Download directory and you can also specify default directory for that. And you can accept most of files by default, so they can be immediately downloaded and ready for you. I’m talking with people in different time zones and it is quite helpful for me. When I check Skype in the morning all files already downloaded and waiting for me.

They removed or didn’t implement hotkeys. It is not possible to access your webcam settings directly from Skype, not possible to hide profile pictures and have more contacts visible without need to scroll (I have huge list of contacts).

I can continue it on and on. And it is only list of problems I saw in 3 days of use (or somebody around me complaining about it). It looks like they took mobile version and just run it on Windows. And by some reason really rushed it. I understand when they didn’t implement some rare features that nobody uses but I asked around and many people uses features I provided above.

I will postpone upgrading to new version as long as I can and I glad that I saw new Skype one day before it asked me to upgrade it on my work PC. Usually I just immediately upgrade without thinking. And that product came from major software corporation.

I believe for people who never used Skype or used just for calls it will be ok, but for people who did use old skype is just awful. But I think it is new way for Microsoft: Nokia, Edge, Skype. I hope they will not do the same for Office or I will stop paying for it.

I hope it will help someone.