I am happy owner of iPhone from iPhone 4. I never had any issue with them. All issues were some kind of my fault. But one thing is really annoying me modern iPhones – charge cables. I do not remember what year it started, but at one moment I did realize that plastic that protect lightning cable started to crack. I did not pay attention and thought that I misused it. So, I just used tape to isolate that place. But then it cracked in different place and in another place. I went I bought another cable. And year later perfectly working cable started to crack again. Cable was still working fine, just looks ugly and all wires are stripped.

Probably everyone who wants to follow recent trends in hardware is usually watching some news over that subject and views some reviews for new hardware. For most hardware reviews I usually watching Hardware Unboxed channel. While many other youtubers provide the same content, but I really like their style, they way of presenting, data they provided etc. Plus following them for quite some time I never seen any leaning towards any side. They are always on the truth side.

And today I seen this video: Nvidia Bans Hardware Unboxed, Then Backpedals: Our Thoughts - YouTube. Basically, if you do not have time to watch, NVIDIA sent email to Hardware Unboxed saying that do not pay enough attention (and do