For quite some we all used to use websites. And one some of these websites are creating accounts and this requires us to use passwords. From technical point of view there is nothing that prevents us using any character that you can type on keyboard including Chinese and Japanese. And the more characters allowed the safer password is. Imaging that password only allows 3-character passwords. For only lower-case English letters there will be 26*26*26 = 17,576 combinations. If upper case letters are also allowed, then you have 52*52*52 = 140,608 combinations and that is 8 times more. But if Chinese characters are also allowed then 50052 * 50052 * 50052 and that is 125,390,405,740,608 combinations.

But as you can imagine

Many people heard that all cars produced for last 20 years using “chips” or processors to control different operations of car. So basically, it is small computer that for example calculate proportion of air in petrol for engine based on current speed, quality of petrol etc.  And all computers require software, and this is program computer executes. Technically it can be done in hardware, but it is quite expensive to product custom chip for every operation and quite expensive to change. So, using general processor is much more effective.

And as everyone knows any program may have mistakes (they called bugs in software industry). Of course, probability that simple program has bug is quite low. But the more complex program

There are many people who never used more than one monitor and this post I would like to show them why you should try multiple monitors.

I myself when I did read that Windows 98 will support multiple monitors thought something like that: Why anybody would need more than one monitor? Sure, say game developers would need more than one and perhaps some artists but normal people sure never need more than one. You can always switch to different window. That were my thoughts. And I was wrong. Few years later in our company everyone had two monitors (and later we switched to use 3 monitors). It was game changer.

You can see and work with two applications at the

Recently I realized that by some reason don’t like big monitors. At my work we usually have 3 monitors. Usually one big about 32 inches and 2 monitors 20-24 inches. Also, we have few “roaming” spaces. These spaces for people who visiting our office for whatever reason. Usually people travel with notebooks and as result these places have all appropriate connectivity for notebooks. HDMI, Display port cables. Also, these places have wireless keyboard and mouse.

But I found that even people with Mac Book Air with 11-inch screen never use bigger monitors and I don’t understand why. I understand why they don’t use keyboard because it is Windows keyboard but why not use bigger screen specially when screen have 6

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Some people state that electric vehicles (EV) are green, some of them state that they are not. Who is right?

Why some people considered EV are not green? Well total emissions (TE) of the car are calculated like this: production emissions, emissions during usage, and utilization emissions. For EV first and last are quite high and that allows these people to state that EV are not that green. Also, they stated that most electricity generation produces emissions as well. They also stated that production of solar panels are quite dirty as well if you state that you are using solar panel to charge you EV.

Let’s assume that TE of EV is higher than normal car. Should we stop using