Recently I found interesting program called dnSpy that allow to debug .NET application without need to install anything. It also can allow debug .NET applications without source code (including .NET framework itself), it allow to edit assemblies, allow to edit in C#, IL etc.

Highly recommended application and it should be in tools belt of any .NET developer.

Today I was viewing this video

In this video guys showing different public groups in Facebook where people trade other people’s private information to scammers. Like tech calls, refund scams, pharm scams etc. And this guy was surprised by this fact. It reminds me

Facebook does quite substantial segregation. First category of people is just ballast. Long time ago all ships have something heave at their bottom to prevent flipping when big wave hitting them. And even in such unlucky case, it will flip back. Extra weight is obviously bad, but in this case is necessary for safe sail. The same applies to this category of people. Nobody needs them, they are necessary evil, food for

Black Friday is coming and if you want to buy anything on AM4 platform I can watch this video to pick up motherboard:

Just keep in mind that he is looking at motherboard from overclocking point of view. But if he says avoid this motherboard, then you should avoid it. Specially for B450 chipset.

In my opinion $160 is top for motherboards for regular folks who does not to do heavy overclocking. My last motherboard was B450 GAMING PRO CARBON AC and I’m quite happy with it. It did cost $129 and was really happy that I decided to buy it from Newegg because even 15 months later this motherboard cost $139. It has nice audio track even

Not sure how many people aware, but .NET runtime will terminate process when background thread raises exception that is not handled. Reason behind that if exception is not handled, then this situation was not tested and can lead to program corrupting its state and it is much better to just terminate it. This reason definitely has some sense and normally I would agree with it. Application will crash, mini dump will be created and sent to Microsoft. Then you can have access to these crash reports and analyze them. But this approach has some issues.

First issue. In reality, corruption is extremely rare. For example, in our application I never heard about corrupted files. Still possible, just very rate. But

As you may guess, this blog is hosted somewhere. I do occasional backups, but usually I do backup quite rare. Usually once per few months unless I deploy some changes. There are few reasons why it happens. Firstly, I wasn’t sure that I will do blogging, secondly, I kind of forget. I believed that I deployed my blog and hosting company will make sure that data is still there, and I totally forgot about it. I did backup in kind of habit but because I was busy it happens rarely.

And few days ago, hosting company became victim of ransomware. All files were encrypted. Moreover, because some critical OS files were also encrypted, I don’t even able to see name