For last 2-3 years I am constantly hearing about 5G. Like it is a messiah that come and save all of us from misery of 4G and LTE. Then about year ago, just before release of new iPhone I started to hear something like that: “There is no 5G in new iPhone, I will definitely will not buy it”. And I heard that a lot. And about 9 month ago I seen video on Linus YouTube channel about testing 5G. To be honest, “huge disappointment” is what I felt. There were so much talking and at the end we got this? Let me explain why I felt this way.

Reason number 1. There should be pretty much nothing between your

I am was using a lot of browsers thru my life and all of them have exactly the same issue that really annoys me every single day. Let me explain it.

Very often in the morning I am drinking coffee and read something from my phone. I am using quite old iPhone 6 S Plus and a have a lot of tabs opened. As result pretty much all the time, Safari must reload this tab because it is unloaded due to memory constraints. So, I do switch to tab and Safari doing a lot of work, showing progress bar and so on. At the end, after few seconds, page finally renders. Everything is good, except it is yesterdays page. So,

Few days ago, I was upgrading my main router. These days internet is extremely important as everything done via internet: distance learning, remote work, ordering stuff online. And it will be sad to lose internet connectivity for long time. So, any such change should come with plan first.

Firstly, you need to think: do you really need to do it? Sure, having more modern version is good, but what if something is wrong. Can you afford it? In my case I want to have faster internet and I have second spare router as well as spare really old one in my junk box. If something will go wrong, I will just promote my secondary router to primary and put spare

Few weeks ago, I got gigabit internet. After technician finished settings it up, I did plug-in my computer to new modem/router and able to see close to gigabit speed (around 920-940 megabits). Awesome. Then I did make sure that I made modem/router as dumb as can and connected my PC to my router. After that I did run speed test again. To my surprise I got about 260-280 megabits per second. What the hell? And I started investigation.

My current version was OpenWrt 18.06.4 and I started to check everything. To make long story short, at the end, I found out that CPU load is 100% during speed test. I used command top from SSH to confirm that

I would like to review Chromecast with Google TV after using it for about one week.

Device itself

I must say that in my particular case device color look quite bad. I have black TV like 99% of other people and I bought white (because all others were out of stock) Chromecast. And white wires do not look good on black TV background and I cannot hide it well. My TV is on the wall and TV is parallel to room’s entrance and HDMI ports are one that side. As result Chromecast also must be there. Again, while blob on black TV background does not look good at all. Device and cable should be black.

Another slight problem that power

Some time ago I would like to watch few shows from HBO Max. To my surprise, my TV does not have app for it. And then after some research I was surprised even more. Basically, only possible ways are: buy Samsung TV (some specific models); watch from tablet or phone; watch from PC; stream from phone to TV. Also, pretty much all smart devices like Amazon Firestick and Roku does not support it. Basically, all these reasons are legal and not technical.

And then I accidentally found that Chromecast with Google TV does support HBO Max. I have LG LF6300 TV for more than 5 years. It is great TV and they still sometimes release updates to it. But it

This will be rather short post, but I hope it will be helpful. Basically, goal of this post is to explain importance of sequential changes to anything. And it is better to explain with example. Imagine you switched internet provider, bought new router and new Smart TV and you did it in one day. Now, let us say you have problems during streaming on your new TV.  Where is problem?

It could be new internet provider. For example, new provider can handle IPv6 differently. It could be issue with new router. It could be buggy. It could be your new TV or application you are using for streaming. It could be incompatibility of your new router and internet provider. It

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Recently I was investigating memory leak in one of our web sites. The same story, site consuming more and more memory until IIS finally recycles it.

As usually, executed two standard commands:
.cordll -ve -u -l
!DumpHeap -stat

And then I found our class Xyz at about 10th place from bottom. Interesting. Then I executed following command:
!DumpHeap -short Namespace.Xyz

And immediately pressed Ctrl+Break to have only few hundred of them and not all of them. And then I executed this command to find how is holding that reference:
!GCRoot <address of Namespace.Xyz object>

From output I found some singleton class with ConcurrentDictionary<Guid, List< Namespace.Xyz>>.

I was asked to investigate why one of our web services constantly consuming more than 3Gb of memory and constantly recycled. There was nothing new deployed at that time and developers do not understand what’s going on.

After I got memory dump, that contains .NET code I execute this command first:
.cordll -ve -u -l

Then for memory related issues I usually execute this command:
!DumpHeap -stat

This will print how many instances of each object created and total size in memory these objects are consuming. Then I try to find some specific objects at the bottom of this list. General objects like strings usually hard to investigate as many objects has a lot