What annoy me in all browsers

I am was using a lot of browsers thru my life and all of them have exactly the same issue that really annoys me every single day. Let me explain it.

Very often in the morning I am drinking coffee and read something from my phone. I am using quite old iPhone 6 S Plus and a have a lot of tabs opened. As result pretty much all the time, Safari must reload this tab because it is unloaded due to memory constraints. So, I do switch to tab and Safari doing a lot of work, showing progress bar and so on. At the end, after few seconds, page finally renders. Everything is good, except it is yesterdays page. So, I have to press Reload button and wait again few seconds again.

Initially I thought it could be problem with specific web site but then I found more and more sites has the same problem. But later I found that Google search is doing exactly the same. So, I came to conclusion that every single web site has this issue and I believe that it is problem in browser and not on web site side.

But reloading outdated data is not only problem. In Safari it is not possible to reload until loading is complete. So I have to wait couple of seconds, knowing that I will see outdated page, and then I press Reload, and then I have to wait another couple of seconds and only then I can read page. This is super annoying.

And it is not only Safari. All other browsers doing that. But on desktop it is possible to press F5 to force reload without waiting for loading to finish and as result it is slightly better.

Perhaps I have to train my patience :)