Black Friday scams at

I would like to buy NVIDIA 1600 Ti video card. Normally it did const around $260, and I was expecting that on Black Friday there will be good discounts. To be honest I was wrong. Most sites like New Egg had Black Friday week and they guarantee that if prices will be lower ever in November than they will automatically credit difference.

Anyway, today I did check and pretty much everything is sold out. And then I found where this video card cost $160.00. It immediately raised my suspicion. This video card normally cost around $300. Why would anyone make discount at least $140 when your competitors are simply out of stock? It is way simpler to drop $50 and it will be really good offer.

Then I sent link that stated that only 9 left and 59 minutes left until end of sale to my relative. For him it was only 5 left and 6 hours left. Then he did refresh and there are 10 video cards left and 7 hours until end of sale. After that we were pretty sure it is scam.

And then here we found that site was created today. Site was copy pasted from other sites, there are a lot of dead links and links to wrong place.

It just confirmed saying if it is too good to be true, it probably is.


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