One feature I missed most were added to Skype

As I wrote before I use Skype extensively. And usually I talk few with few people at the same time. In old Skype it was possible to open separate conversation window for each person. Not only it saves time to switch between different conversation, but it also allows to check who is writing and depending on priority answer now or later. Without this feature it is suitable for occasional use like few messages per day with one or two people. If you are chatting with 5-10 people, 50-100 messages per day it was not that usable. This was biggest feature I missed in new Skype.

And finally, Microsoft added this feature back. In fact, they added it some time ago. And I would miss it, but Microsoft added thing (they called it Tips and Tricks) that highlighting new features they added and on my home computer it popped up and suggested using split view. I am updating Skype at the same time at home and work, but I never seen it at work.

Anyway, if you want to use this feature click on three dots at the top right and select Enable split view mode. It still doesn’t work as smooth as old Skype but at least it is good start. And by now they added all major features I was missing. In fact, the only thing that I’m missing is text readability of old Skype. But I’m 100% sure they will never address it as it is problem with Chromium engine that new Skype using. All other problems are just usability issues and plain bugs that I’m sure they will address.

Finally, more than 1 year after Microsoft forced everyone to move to new Skype, they added all major features of old Skype. And I think one more year and it will be finally usable. And I totally don’t understand why they had to forced everyone to use new Skype. If they did it today there will be much less anger (if any) from community and new Skype were accepted much easier. And they will not lose some users. I know at least few people that totally replaced Skype. I started to use other messengers for some people because I was pretty sure that Microsoft will do so bad that they will finally have to close Skype for good. But it wasn’t as bad as I thought.

Anyway, I hope it helps someone.