AMD released new 7000 series CPUs

I always meant to write about that, but I forgot every single time. Basically, with the 12th generation, Intel simply cheated. Most of their gains were simply gained by increasing the frequency and as result considerably increased power consumption to quite crazy values. With good cooling and motherboard, 120900 can consume almost 250W of power.

And most people do not know this, but almost all energy in electronic components is converted to pure heat. So effectively 250W consumed power by CPU/GPU will be converted to 250W of heat.

For most people, 250W is just a number. Just to give you an idea, a long time ago I had a room with 8 degrees C (46 Fahrenheit). It is quite cold. And I had a 1KW heater and after I set its power at 25% (250W) it warmed the room to a comfortable temperature in a few hours.

Now imagine what will happen in summer. You may say: “I have AC and it is not a problem”, but keep in mind, that AC has an efficiency of around 30%. As a result, 750W of AC will be needed just to take off excess heat from that CPU. But remember there is a video card, power supply, monitor, etc. And if you don’t have AC, well then you are very bad position and you will be in the sauna quite fast.

As an outcome, while technically the 12th generation is faster but there were very power inefficient. But as you know, most people are dumb and they are buying numbers. Graphs show that 12900K is the fastest and they are buying it. Most didn’t take into account that to get that speed you need an expensive motherboard and an expensive cooler.

But Intel forgot that the second player can play this game too and AMD just did a very similar thing. They also raised power consumption to similar values and their 7950X just murdered Intel chip. Especially in productivity tasks. But in games, the new CPU is also faster most of the time.

I personally think that anything higher than 100W for the CPU and the video card is just crazy. Just these 2 components combined are already 200W. Add up a monitor(s), power supply, and other smaller components and it easily can go up to 300W. I honestly don’t understand people who are buying 250W+ CPU, 450W+ GPU, have a 1.6KW power supply, etc.

And now it will be interesting to see what the response from Intel will be. And it is already quite hard to take off 250W+ from the CPU and throw it away from the case. Usually you need around $100+ tower or $120-$150 water cooling. I hope they will not going to increase the CPU power consumption to 300W because it will be just crazy.

But what I like about that, is that competition is back in the game and it is good for the consumer.


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