Skype, still unusable

Last time I wrote that finally last feature I needed was added to Skype. It does not work as I expected but I thought with time they will fixed. Well, a lot of time passed, and nothing changed. Moreover, none of the existing bugs were fixed and new bugs were added. And now about this is details

Last feature I need is window per contact, so I can talk with few people, without constantly switching between them. Moreover, sometimes I actually need to see information from both contacts at the same time. Well Microsoft finally implemented that feature. But if somebody sent me message then instead of highlighting that window in taskbar, only main Skype window highlighted. So, I still have no idea who send me message. As result this feature is barely useful, and they implemented only portion of required functionality. And what pisses me off, the fact, that last 2 years they are implementing features that were already implemented. Nobody asking anything new, just make the same functionality as we had before. Why Microsoft cannot even just simply check old Skype to see how requested features works before implementing them? As result they are implementing requested features as they understood them, not how people want them.

But at the same time, they carefully copied all issues from old Skype. If I try to send image that is too tall or too wide, Skype (old and new) will display it incorrectly. Usually only middle of picture. Even if I sent normal picture very often Skype will crop top and bottom or left and right. I never seen this in Telegram for example.

Skype continues to display nothing in system notification area. I meant that it looks like icon there is 100% transparent. Everything works fine, except icon is absent. This bug is about 6 months old. And I has it on both my computers and I asked around and most people who used Skype has this problem as well.

Recently I seen new bug with messages sent but they just didn’t add to conversation. Say you wrote “Hi” and sent it. Text should be removed from input box and added to conversation. Message actually sent, another person does receive it, but it is not added to conversation for you. First time I saw this I thought I just deleted message somehow, so I typed again “Hi” and sent it again. And it disappeared again. Then I really carefully typed “Hi” and clicked on Send button. And message disappeared again. Then I received message from person I was chatting with “Why did you send me Hi 3 times?”. I had to restart Skype. And this bug also happens on both my computers. But this time when I asked around, I found that most people stopped using Skype or used it rarely.

These are big problems, but there are a lot of smaller issues. Kind of quality of life issues. Just as example when I share screen, I have to select which one. In old skype I just double click on preview image. In new one I had to select preview image for screen and then clicked Ok. It is small issue, but sometimes I had to do few times per day, and it is really annoying.

As this stage I think that Microsoft lost most theirs of existing customers. It was great product, but bad management killed it. It was first of this kind, that gain a lot of audience and now it is slowing going towards ICQ.