OpenWrt does not support IPv6 by default

Recently I found that IPv4 for Lighsail will cost more from the 1st of May. And I decided to switch my test site to IPv6 only. I followed the guide that states that I had to create a snapshot and then restore it to an IPv6-only instance. Then I decided to connect to it via SSH and check that everything works fine.

To my surprise, I cannot connect to it. I tried everything and nothing worked. Then I tried to ping it and it also did not work. To make a story short eventually, I found that the issue was in my main OpenWrt router.

And then I remembered that I did something special in old versions of OpenWrt but that option was moved somewhere and on the new version I just checked that my PC got an IPv6 address and I thought that everything worked just fine but it wasn’t.

I ran a few IPv6 tests on the internet and each test showed that I don’t have any IPv6 connectivity. I started searching and eventually, I found this video that explains how to enable IPv6 property. My provider does not provide prefix delegation, but the second case worked for me. It starts at 19:53. After that I was able to connect to my Lightsail and all internet tests showed that I have IPv6 connectivity. So I decided to write this post for everybody and me as well when I will have to set up my router next time.

I hope it helps someone.


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