Speed it up

I’m sure many of you watching some tutorial videos on YouTube. I do. And there are different people who do the talking. Some are talking fast, and some are talking slow.  Some of them put quite condensed information and some put a lot of “water” in their talk.

For quite some time I was watching on regular speed, but a few years ago I found really nice advice to use faster speeds. I tried 1.25 initially and it was amazing. If you have a tutorial that is one hour long, you can finish watching it in 48 minutes and save 12 minutes of your life. 1.25 speed does not distort the voice much and it is almost the same as the original voice.

For slow speakers, I increase the playback speed to 1.5. Also, when I watch something that I’m familiar with, I also speed up to 1.5 speed. The reason is to continue listening in case there is something that I didn’t know. Especially if this is a new area for me in general.

In some cases, it is useful to enable captions when it is hard to understand some phrase.

I hope it will be helpful to someone