Do not buy Intel i9-11900K

If you are planning to buy new PC and thinking about buying new i9-11900K, then read this post and perhaps you will change your mind.

In short, this CPU MSRP price is the same as AMD 5900X. 5900X will be faster pretty much everywhere with 1-2 exceptions in games where it is slightly slower. But when it faster it often much faster than i9-11900K. Specially it is faster in productivity tasks. Moreover, 5900X consumes considerably less power. If you compare retail price, 5900X about $65 cheaper.

So, in short if you want faster CPU than consumes less power, buy AMD 5900X.

But if you Intel fan and AMD is not for you, then buy i9-10900K. It is faster in most applications, it is cheaper, it has more cores and bigger cache. And lastly it consumes less power. Not as little as AMD but still less that i9-11900K. And i9-10900K is $155 cheaper than i9-11900K in retail.

So, in short if you want faster and cheaper Intel CPU that consumes less power, buy Intel i9-10900K.

In conclusion, there is no reason to buy i9-11900K at all. Motherboard will not be compatible to with next-gen Intel CPU, it is more expensive, slower and consumes more power. And these 1-2 games when it is faster, it faster by small percent and it did not affect gameplay at all. Moreover, if you will play at high settings then there will be no difference at all.

It is very strange CPU and to be honest it should never be created.