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One thing I don’t understand about electric car is that most of them looks simply ugly.

Let’s take first Toyota Prius for example. It is hybrid car and looks like designers would like to make something “futuristic” and not typical. I don’t understand why they just didn’t use normal sedan shape or in case of hatchback use nicely looking one? And last Prius is even uglier than before.

Another example is first Nissan Leaf. Extremely ugly car. I would understand if that car was extremely cheap, but it is wasn’t that cheap. And I’m totally sure that even with cost restrictions there were possible to make it look much better.

And another example is BWM i3. Another great example of “futuristic” and ugly. They even put typical BMW grill on it and it is completely useless.  

I understand that this is quite subjective, but I did ask around 20 people and none of them liked these cars. And objectively “futuristic” design is quite different from typical design. And these cars are not designed for specific target group, they designed to be used by anyone. And as result it is guarantee that most people will not like it as most people have quite conservative taste.

And funniest part that these cars are great. They just look bad. So, from engineering side they done correctly but design side done extremely badly. As result many people who thought about electric car simply ignores them.

Good example of how it supposed to be is Tesla. They just design very nice-looking cars that looks like traditional cars but electric. As result Tesla stands out not because it is futuristic but because it looks nice. And this is one more reason why people are buying them. If you understand what I’m talking about if you ever see one of the abovementioned cars and Tesla parked together.

And it looks that finally that at least Nissan understand that, and new Nissan Leaf looks much better. I hope Toyota and BMW will follow and we have more electric cars to choose from.