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Today I would like to talk about browser from Microsoft called Edge. Many of you are using Windows 10 and Edge is default system browser.

Microsoft released Windows 10 3 years ago. And they started to develop Edge probably like 2 years before release date. It is around 5 years of development. And it still fails to work properly. And I’m not talking about rendering or similar things. They are fine. I don’t even remember if I every had any issues with any website. But application itself drive me nuts.

When they release Windows 10 I was using Edge a lot, so Microsoft will have chance to collect all information and I hopped they will fix it soon. It didn’t happen.

First issue I had is to pasting address in address bar. I have web link in clipboard. I go to Edge, pressed Ctrl+T, Ctrl+V, Enter. And I got empty page. Not even address from clipboard in address bar. So correct way would be Ctrl+T, wait second or two, Ctrl+V, wait little bit Enter. Then you page will open. And it took them almost 3 years to fix it. Only in latest update it almost always works but still fail sometimes.  

Second issue is stability. You opened many tabs, and them you found that even you scroll on page down few pages after some time it is back to the top. It happened because page crashed and reloaded. And it happened many times and quite often. I seen it PC’s, I see it on notebooks and I had to recommend other browsers. And I still think that they didn’t fixed it. It is better but not even close to other browsers.

Third issue with tabs. Month ago, I decided to give it one more chance and I moved my opened tabs to Edge. And after few weeks all of them gone. You started Edge and there were not tabs except default one. I used old Opera for like 19 years and it never happened. I used Firefox for last 3 years and killed it so many times. Never had any issue with tabs.

Forth issue. I tried to reload page and it failed to do so. But not only it failed to reload it also removed address of page from address bar so there are no more refreshes for that page. And there was no way to recover address. Say if I did close it accidently I can press Ctrl+Shift+T and any browser will reopen it including Edge, but I didn’t close. I tried to close it and press Ctrl+Shift+T but nothing happened.

And there are many more tiny issues and there are pretty much no customizations. For example, I don’t like close button on every tab. I never use mouse for that. Mostly all options are related to security.

They are adding features like ink, but core of application is still failing badly. I honestly don’t understand it. And we are not talking here about some student’s project. We are talking about product of huge software corporation. Yes, it is free, but it is not excuse for writing bad application. As Yoda said: "Do or do not, there is no try."

On other side I’m using Edge on my iPhone and it works fine. So far, I didn’t find any issues. It just works.