Today I installed an update to my Tesla that allows me to test Full Self Driving (FSD). And it is just amazing what it can do. The car practically drove me to work and back. But there are quite a lot of things that make my blood pressure rise.

The first thing was relatively minor. The car did a left turn and stayed in the leftmost lane. And for some reason maintains a speed 5 miles below the limit for quite some time. I had to manually accelerate it. And once or twice the car went over lane markings. There were no cars in the adjusted lane so it was not a big problem.

The next was not as good.

Currently, Tesla is selling a Full Self Dring (FSD) package for $12 000. Previously it was $15 000 but it was just insane. And recently Tesla sent an email to customers in the US to let them know that they can test it for a whole month for free. Obviously, they want to sell more of it, but I cannot quite understand who is supposed to be the intended audience for such a product.

Any Tesla can keep the lane and have adaptive cruise control and it works very well. Well, almost well until there is phantom braking but it does not happen often. These 2 things may not look like much but on long trips, it is what helps

Like many other people, I am watching YouTube. And as everybody knows, in YouTube videos, you can see Google Ads and very often, creators promote some product or brand. And recently I saw quite a lot of promotions for VPN services.

And many such VPN ads promote the VPN as a means to protect your privacy and data. But it actually doesn’t do any of that. Well, to be 100% honest VPN can protect your privacy, but not for the average person because it requires strict discipline. But it 100% cannot protect your data.

VPN is short for Virtual Private Network. A typical use for VPN is a means to connect to your work environment from your home computer. Instead

As I wrote before I did a 1000-mile trip in a Tesla Model Y and it was no difference in time if I did it in a traditional car. In fact, it will take longer because petrol stations are rarely close to any good food places like restaurants, so I will have to refill my car and then drive to restaurants while in Tesla I can drive to a supercharger and a restaurant is always nearby.

But my first trip could be a fluke and it could be a perfect combination of different factors. But recently I did a second trip to the same place and back, I just did circle in different direction. And as in first time

Some time ago I decided to buy a new charger with at least 2 USB ports. And because we all live in a new bright USB-C era, I decided that it is time to buy a charger with USB-C ports to be future-proof. But to my surprise, all charges with USB-C ports cost way more than with USB-A ports.

At that time I attributed it to the manufacturer's greed to get more money on the new standard and I bought a charger with one USB-A and one USB-C port. But as it turns out, they cost more because of a completely different reason.

Thanks to this video, it turns out that a USB-A port can deliver a maximum of

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And just for perspective, we have 824 C# projects and when someone thinks about converting, they may believe that they need to convert all these projects to support .NET X (where X >= 5), change the build system, etc.

It turns out that there is an easy way to do and it allows us to do proof of concept very quickly and then test compatibility. And to do this you need to do nothing. Yep, you heard me right. Our application is a native application that loads .NET Framework runtime and then loads .NET Framework assemblies.

It turns out that all we need to do is to change the .NET Framework loader to load .NET 6 runtime. It is described

Recently I drove around 1000 miles in my Model Y and I think my original post was somewhat optimistic. For this post, I assume that standard autopilot is exactly the same as full self-driving and just software-limited.

The first thing I would like to state is that Tesla still gets confused when lane separation disappears for a short time. There were around 3-5 software updates but it is still an issue. I drove at the same place and it was still a problem.

The next problem is phanom breaking. Sometimes the car starts to break without any reason. Every case I had previously was a relatively minor case of phantom breaking that did not create any problems and was

This is a continuation of our story of Linus and his media empire. The story started to unfold really fast.

By that time Linus realized what he did and he messed up. So he and other corporate people released an apology video. And didn’t switch off monetization. Of course, it was probably a mistake but it still points toward a lack of attention to details even in such a critical period for the company.

And then one of the former employees starts criticizing LMG (Linus Media Group) for a hostile environment and harassment. At first, I personally didn’t take it seriously because it just looks like somebody trying to take revenge on a former employer.

When I read about

Recently I watched this video that reviews the Tesla Model Y. And I would like to review that review :)

But firstly I must provide a disclaimer. I’m kind of a Tesla owner. I have a Tesla Model Y car in my family and I’m driving it a few times per week (mostly on weekends). I’m trying to be as objective as possible but I don’t think it is possible to be 100% objective in such a case. But I’m trying to be as close to 100% as humanly possible.

Secondly, I have to state that this person most likely got one of the first Model’s Y. They had a lot of issues with quality and they were quite