Properly install drivers as a last resort

This is a kind of short version of this post.

Normally I try not to install drivers via their setup application. Doing so very often installs some unwanted software like control panels, some unneeded auto-update services, and many more. As result, very often I just extract the installation package to some directory and point Windows to search driver there. And it works quite well for me.

There are exceptions of course. Printers and scanners often needed that software. Video drivers are another exception. But most of the drivers and especially network drivers I always install this way. It is easier and faster and I don’t have to spend time removing unwanted software.

But these days Windows has drivers for almost everything. You plug a device and almost in 100% of cases Windows can find drivers and install them automatically. And for most devices, Windows will install only the driver and not the software but there are rare exceptions. That is what was happening in my case. I had a Realtek 8812BU-based USB dongle and Windows found and installed the driver when I plugged it in. Everything works fine until I accidentally found that the speed is not up to specifications.

And then I properly install drivers via the vendor-provided setup and speed is improved by 80%.

So, if you have strange problems with your device, try to install drivers properly.

I hope it helps someone.


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